Truck Woes

I was out ‘n about Juneau the other morning checking out the two campground options when the truck started to act up.  It started struggling when accelerating which would smooth out and then come back.  Moments later the check engine light started to flash, uh-oh.

A few moments later the infamous P0302 engine code displayed.  I know this one all to well, a misfire on the second cylinder.  The engine stalling was completely new though, in some ways I guess it’s good it was found on cyl 2 once more.

I made my way to the closest campground to claim a spot, dropped the trailer and setup camp.  I figure this will be an easy fix with spare parts I brought with me or I’m going to be here a while awaiting parts to be shipped. Side note, I’m absolutely cursing T-Mobile for deceiving me on having ‘data’ in Alaska, Google access would be a little helpful if not comforting a bit.  In reality all tombile service is roaming on AT&T’s network and since I’m non-contract, I don’t get data. WTF Tmobile??? I’m porting over to AT&T as soon as I can find a store.

The next morning I made quick work of replacing the spark plug and coil-pack on cyl #2, not even a 5 minute job with a nice cold engine. A quick drive around the campground and I’m back to being a happy camper. No codes, no struggling, just smooth acceleration. I can’t begin to describe how good (lucky) this is (and that it’s not the head that needs replaced).

Unfortunately, things aren’t all rosy.  Something else is definitely not right. Driving around town I noticed a fuel smell. I checked my spare gas cans first without luck. A few looks under the hood with rain storms and I eventually noticed a couple things not right:

After some google-fu, the part leaking fuel seems to be the fuel pressure regulator.  Curious if all the misfires codes could be related to irregular fuel pressures, or that in addition to the coil-pack / plug / fuel injector also being bad?  Something about cyl #2 has ways been consistently glitchy in the past, though. Hmm.

For now I trimmed up the split hose and will need to call around for a replacement regulator.  I’d imagine it could be an o-ring on one of the ends, not sure if I could be that lucky.

The good news: it’s only a slight fuel leak when running, the truck is drivable and I’m booked on a ferry South to Prince Rupert tonight. I’m hoping the auto-parts in PR can get a part delivered while I’m on the boat since all the local stores can’t get a part till next week.

In other news, I’m off to hike around some ice caves near the glacier today :)

Posted from Auke Bay, Juneau, AK 99801, USA.

  • Holmez

    Good thing these were all simple and quick fixes.

  • James Potter

    Did you get everything fixed?

    • gregr401

      Yup! Couldn’t get a fuel regulator in Alaska or Canada so I ended up using some All-Sealant (rated for gasoline). Luckily it lasted till I made it down to Montana :)

      Down in Colorado now and heading home soon :-)

      • Kabira Sayz

        Glad it was an easy fix. So when you are coming back to SD? Kapil

        • gregr401

          Officially back in San Diego – sure is warm here :-)