The Delay

Was initially planning to depart as early as Aug 2nd, but a few hiccups have set me back.  

  1. I’m sick.  Lame, I know, but I wound up with a head cold along with a nasty cough last weekend.  It’s been slowing me down, especially when working on the truck and trailer.  I almost have this thing kicked, glad to get it over with now before I leave
  2. The truck needs some love.  I’ve had a cracked header manifold I’ve been rather lazy to fix (its a bear of a job), but with my registration needing to be renewed by late Sept, I figured I would get that taken care of first.  Went to get it smogged and the truck failed.  Damn.  Along with some other items, I decided to waive the white flag and let a mechanic help me out.

With the truck in the shop, that’s given me more time to focus on the trailer.  I added two new batteries into the back of the trailer to help offset some weight from the nose cone.  Also re-routed the water pump & line from underneath the trailer into the trailer and then into the right storage location where the heater is.  Everything is nice and integrated now, simply turning on the pump and hooking up the propane line gives me hot water – w00t.

Trailer Cargo Door

See that nice bend. That should be straight.  The portion in black should not be bent away from the door, either.

Spent an afternoon disassembling the left cargo door in an attempt to straighten things out a bit.  Along with the left front corner, these area’s on the trailer took a beating when I rolled it a couple years ago.  It took a lot of beating with the backend of my axe, but things are much better now :)  Considering how much dust and grime I’ll be seeing the next few weeks, I’m trying to get the trailer as airtight as I can.  Once I get some pics online, you’ll see what I mean.


Departure ETA

My new target departure date is August 9th.  The truck should be back on Tuesday eve.  Wed I plan to get some new brake pads, rotors & fluid; that should take me a few hours at least.  Since the trailer and bike are ready to roll, I’m optimistic I should be out of here no later than Thursday – excitement is starting to set in…  again.

Posted from San Diego, California, United States.

  • James Potter

    Site is lookin good. You should get one of these toys -> It most importantly has a bottle opener :)

    • gregr401

      Ha, love how they managed to add a bottle opener :) I always wanted to mount one of these on the side of my trailer. I still have a few days to track one down.

  • Holmez

    Damn! Finally found my link to this ****hole of a page you call a blog! lol

    ~ Holmez

  • Joleen

    Hope you’re feeling better!

    • gregr401

      Absolutely – thanks Joleen! On the road and North bound today :) No pics today, just driving. Looking forward to tomorrow…