Heading SouthEast

Last few days in Homer have been fun, but the sun is out I’m planning to retrace some steps to see some of the country side I missed driving through rain storms.  The tentative plan to head North then over to Valdez. From there to Wrangell-Elias National Park and through Canada down to Haines once more. From Haines I’ll be heading down to Juneau for a few days and then back to PR (or Bellingham). If anyone has suggestions of places to stop and see, please post a comment or email me (richardson.greg@gmail.com).

After the weather earlier this week (that wind and rain was not fun), here’s to hoping its blue skies and modest rain over the next few days :)

Posted from Valdez, Alaska, United States.

Bear @ Portage Glacier

Checking out the massive salmon near a creek at Portage Glacier and noticed this friendly guy walking towards us. It was about 9:30′ish, so there wasn’t much light. Speed didn’t really get a glimpse, but he knew something was up and wanted to leave. Lots of wildlife the further south towards Homer I go. Moose are everywhere now, almost like deer back in Ohio.

Posted from Anchorage, Alaska, United States.