Speed’s first attempt to claim ownership of the couch.  He ultimately won.

The faithful mutt.  Adopted at a shelter when he was ~8mo old, he’s nearly 5 now and has luckily survived all of my 4×4 adventures to date :) He probably loves off-road trips more than I do, but who doesn’t when you can stick your head out the window all day long.

Some quick facts for the curious:

Breed: Not 100% certain, but I’ve settled on a mix of Lab & Rhodesian Ridgeback.

Favorite Food: Ha, funny.  Let’s put it this way, anything other than lettuce and you’ve got one happy dog.

Favorite Past time: Chasing squirrels, rabbits, seagulls or swimming in the ocean.  Oh, and traveling, of course!

  • http://twitter.com/Holmez_hood Holmez

    damn he is almost 5! Quinn just turned 7 in May.