I’m back from the Arctic Circle and need to catch up on posts!  I’ve had some annoying issues getting a cell signal in Canada, luckily I’ve found wi-fi so please feel free to give me a shout via Skype – its free from skype to skype, so go download the app on your phone.

My account is: greg.richardson


  • Kabira Sayz

    Judging by the pics, you are having time of your life. BTW when you are uploading pics from Artic Circle esp aurora borealis effect. Must be nice to see it in-person.

    • gregr401

      Fun indeed! It’s been hard to slow down and take it all in. Still haven’t seen the northern lights, awfully overcast as of late (and its hard to stay up late when the days are nice and long). Good weather today, hopefully some decent pics out of the mix will make it online soon.