Somewhere near Moab

I bought my first 4×4 back in ’06 and have enjoyed the hands-on learning ever since.  While the Trailblazer isn’t the first choice amongst the hardcore (or any sane person, for that matter), I like to think I’ve learned more than someone who could simply throw 35′s on and run nearly any trail.  Skill and knowing your vehicle come by experience, being thwarted and learning to adapt and overcome is part of the challenge.  Too many cheat themselves by buying a decked out rig without the trail skill.

As of late, the Trailblazer is mostly used to get me and my gear far off the main drag.  By gear, I mean my bike and trailer – where the real fun happens.  Doing so relatively comfortably along with some 4x action is what keeps me going.  Here are a few pics from the early days along with random trips in between; details on the truck follow for those that are interested.

Pipe up with any questions…


  • Gears: 4.56, rear is a 8.6 from an Ext loaded with an Auburn Ected mag locker.  Front is open and brittle.
  • 33″ tires, running BFG’s at the moment
  • Front bumper that was designed for a Jeep, but slightly adjusted.  8k winch with syn rope (used and loved).
  • Rear bumper, what bumper?  Hacked on tire carrier.
  • Lift? Yes. Bastardized front and rear.  You can scour around the interwebs for some resources.
  • Dual battery. Custom tool carrier in the rear. Removed rear seats for more storage / room for Speed.
  • Bunch of recovery gear; hi-lift, pull-pal – all used and loved.  Being self-sufficient in as many area’s as possible is re-assuring (to me, at least).
  • Surco rack on top; it’s seen better days.
  • Odo before departing: 145,000!!!


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