I snagged a Conqueror Compact from CL a few years back.  It has been another never ending project of hacking and modding to find the ultimate setup.  It boasts a number of features that help make camping a bit more enjoyable: roof-top tent, frig, storage room, etc.  Of course, there are always the cons: stress on the truck, gas mileage, three axles offroad, parking in town, etc.

Its been under the knife more than a few times.  It has a modest block lift, trimmed nose-cone to handle my dirt bike, dual batteries, bed warmer for those cold nights, etc.  As it has water tanks, I also add a propane on-demand water heater :)  Other than rolling it a few years back, its been a blast to own and use.

  • Holmez

    hahahahaha atleast you kept the roll over pics on the site!