I started riding street bikes about ten years ago.  Like offroading, I  stepped into the world of MX after moving to San Diego.  It took me a few seasons to get used to the non-traction side of things, sliding out on purpose, jumping, etc.  I absolutely love it now,  it’s the most freedom you can feel. Anything obstacle you want to conqueror – you most likely can on a dirtbike (with decent skill).

My main ride is a 06 DRZ SM that runs a dirt setup, plated and street legal :)  I never got around to getting softer springs up front, something that is painful on the long 100+ mile days.  All in all, it gets me around.

A few mods have been done over the years: SSW/MRD exhaust, big carb, HID lights, engine cams, alum bash plate, new bars, manual kicker, etc.  This bike has been an absolute blast to ride.  Its a tank, don’t get me wrong, but it’s never let me down.

  • Adam Demas

    I always knew you were awesome! If you ever come back to columbus, we have to go jump stuff!!

    Have fun out there man!

    • gregr401

      ha! I’m hoping to make my way back to columbus this fall, will definetly set aside some time for a Hooligan ride. What are you riding these days? I was trying to remember what you had back in the day, was it a CBR F3?