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Currently targeting to depart Aug 9th, after some recent set backs.  Hope all goes according to plan from here on out.  Keep an eye on the Alaska Bound page for trip updates.

A 2002 Chevy Trailblazer 4×4. Before I left I had ~ 145,000 miles on the odometer.   Its been my go-to vehicle for so many adventures.  Its getting up there in miles, lets hope she can make it 6-10K more miles to bring me home.

Make / model: Conqueror / Compact.

I picked this up a few years ago and its made camping quite a bit more comfortable. Its been hacked on quite a bit; definitely isn’t as pretty as when she was new – but much more usable.  Check out the following page for more deatils.

I’ll be pushing some postings and pics to Twitter, mostly linking back to this site.  I have no intention of ever using Facebook; sorry.

Tentatively mid to late August.  I’m planning to push through the states and Canada pretty quickly as Summer is coming to a close up North.  I’d like to spend as much time in Alaska and then slowly make my way back home.

Actually, I resigned my last position effectively July 27th.  I’m going to be running on my savings alone, so after I hit the road expenses will hopefully be fuel and food related only.  I hope to stay up North for a couple months, back home by the fall.  If all works out, I’ll have another adventure planned for the winter months.

  • Amit

    Good Luck Greg…. have a nice Journey !!

  • James Trier

    Good stuff Greg! Enjoyed reading the details about the start of your adventure. James

    • gregr401

      Thanks, James! Finally camped near some wi-fi, pics are imminent :)