Denali National Park

The colors here are pretty spectacular.  My plan is to camp at the park for 4 or 5 days, weather pending. While the rain is certainly here and in the forecast, its not constant like it was a few days back in Dawson City.  I got really lucky on the campground – last spot for tonight and tomorrow, so I’m booked for the full 5 days – w00t!

At first glance there are a ton of tours (bus, plane, helicopter, rapids, pack-rafting, etc) up for grabs, though some are weather pending.  I booked a bus tour into the park and hoping for good weather for a glacier landing flight into the park (they land on Ruth glacier, check youtube).

For now, just taking in some sights and exploring the area a bit.  For those that have seen the movie ‘Into The Wild’, the magic bus scene and trail were filed on location about ten miles north near Healy, Ak.  Its a couple day hike (which I’m not geared for) so I took the truck.  Lots of mud holes and tight trails, mostly geared for the ATV’s (this is where the ATV tour company in town brings folks).  Pretty cool area, though weather forced me back before hitting the big river.  More Denali posts to come as I catch up on uploading pics :)

Starting to see Moose almost everyday. They like to pop-out of the tree’s like deer and dare you to run them down, really, they just stop in the road and taunt you.

P.S> The railroad has a depot here that stops at the park.  That would the ideal way to see the country side and get to the park.  Will have to keep that in mind if I get the chance to return. Driving near wooded area’s around twilight time is not a good idea I’ve decided. I’m having second thoughts of taking the bike out in the back country with these massive creatures running amuck.


Posted from Alaska, United States.