Dawson City

Arriving in Dawson City is like taking a step back in time.  Before you get to town you’re met with miles of old tailings, 20 – 30 feet high right along side the road. Some of these could date back to when mining first started here back in the late 1890′s. In town, dirt roads lined by old wooden deck boards act as a haphazard sidewalk.  No stop lights, no cross walks.  I like it.

I happened to arrive on Yukon’s Discovery Day weekend, so most of the town was out enjoying the mid-60 degree weather and blue skies.  There was an Art festival along the river bank, softball game a few blocks over along with a mud pit for trucks to show off.  Being a holiday it also meant most of the stores were closed.  Oh well, strolled around and snapped some pics taking in the town and some of its history.

Camping that night was a bit cold and wet.  I stayed at the Klondike campground a few miles outside of town and deep within the tree’s.  Bad choice as it was damp and annoyingly hard to get a fire going.  Without the smoke the bugs easy won so I retreated to the tent.   The various time changes and long, long hours of sunlight is taking some getting used to.  The sun is still fairly light out well after 11pm.

Back in town the following day to try some stores again.  I happen across a laundromat, stopped and parked to see if they would take VISA since I still haven’t tracked down any Canadian money.  As I’m parking there is a guy sitting outside that looks familiar.  Actually, he was pretty easy to recognize by his ‘stache – that’s right, Thurber from the show Gold Rush.

He noticed the California plate and we chatted.  I think he figured I noticed him and that’s why I stopped, he was all to eager to fetch a picture from his truck to sign for me – why not, eh?   Just then another Gold Rush member happened by, Sundays must be laundry day for the crew or something.  After stopping inside,  Dave Turin also noticed my California plate and struck up a conversation as Thurber was heading back to camp.  I didn’t bring up the show as I figured that must get old, instead we talked about my trip and plans to head towards Inuvik and then over to Alaska.  Really enjoyed the conversation and while I won’t spoil the season, it sounds like the crew has found their groove this season.

With clothes ready for another week of being deep in the Yukon (I figure I can actually use that expression now, ehh), planning to head up the Dempster Highway tomorrow (Mon 20th).  Fuel, water and food are topped off.  I need to make a quick trip back I to town to pickup my Dempster Passport and then I’m North bound again.

Next post should be from the Arctic Circle, fingers crossed…

P.S >  Had some issues getting the DRZ going, must have been from all the rain on the drive up.  Luckily it’s back up and running and am anxious to get some miles in.  GoPro is charged and ready :)

Posted from Dawson, Yukon Territory, Canada.

  • Amit

    very nice Greg.. Keep going , enjoy the trip!!

  • http://www.facebook.com/james.potter.904 James Potter

    Very cool

  • James Trier

    Great post Greg, you sound way too relaxed! You need some corporate America rat-race back in your life….

    Enjoyed the pictures, look incredible up there (feeling a bit of envy…)!