I wanted to point out that this site is centric to my journey and travels to fun, enjoyable, moments of life.  Still, behind the scene, I’m having fun playing with some new technologies I haven’t really poked around yet (hey, I’m a nerd, that’s what I do).

When setting up the infrastructure behind the scene, I decided to try a new service,  They boast a free CDN like service along with a number of ‘Apps’ you can quickly enable via a nice dashboard (note, most apps still require some additional configuration on the thirdy-party side, but they do have some integration).

VigLink is one of these such Apps.  They provide an add-on javascript (which CloudFare injects via their frontend boxes) that attempts to turn product words/links into affiliate links (ie,  Interesting concept, especially cool as I don’t need to directly sign-up with Amazon (or the others) and Viglink, gives me a generous cut (ha, I said generous).

Anyway, keep in mind if you see links out to other product / company websites, I’m not directly pimping their products!!!  There is no glowing recommendations (unless some company wants to send me a travel-forever-sponsor-check :) :) ), no money-back guarantee’s, etc.  Do you’re own research / homework before buying something, anything…please.

Ok – cool, now, back to the adventure.