Late July 2012 I decided to leave my IT job in San Diego of ~6.5 years to do a bit of traveling.  The kick-off trip is a road (and off-road) journey throughout Alaska and Northern Canada.  I’ll be driving via truck, with my bike and trailer in tow up the 101 and into British Columbia, to the Yukon Territory and then west.  Beyond my plan to depart early August and ride the Alaska Marine Highway on my way up North, I have no day-to-day itinerary or set plans.  I’m just out to explore, to see as much of Alaska and the Yukon as I can till the snow falls.  Some of my modest goals include: seeing the Northern Lights for the first time, driving the Richardson Hwy, driving the Dalton Hwy Dempster Hwy up to Inuvik, panning for gold in the Yukon, etc.

After a number of years off-roading via 4×4 and/or adventure riding, I’m looking forward to a one, maybe two month solo trip (oops, can’t forget about Speed). From traversing the Mohave Desert to the shorelines of Baja, across countless trails up and down California and the surrounding states – I’m eager to launch my next adventure towards the last Frontier – Alaska.

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